About me

Hi everyone,

My name is Azaro. I make most of my skin care products by myself at home using natural recipes. From body scrubs, skin cremes, shampoos make-up removers, just to mention a few. I have done so for a couple of years now and I love my progress. Today I have decided to share with you part of my story and hope to help people with skin problems, or those who don’t, but love their skins and want to take good care of them.

I started to have bad acne back during my puberty. It was a real struggle to get rid of it. I went to a Dermatologist who did a blood test and all kind of tests. He prescribed some medicine, which I was to apply on my face, and others I was to take orally. after two weeks I noticed a difference and was glad that my acne problem would just disappear like that. Shock on me a week after I stopped taking the medicine, My acne was back in full swing, this time it was worse than it was before. You can just imagine how frustrated I was. I was not going to take the medicine forever.

I tried almost all the products that are advertised on the ¬†television to no avail. I watched some you tube videos, you know the ones with the title ”how to get rid of acne overnight”. This was some kind of a joke. Those people should be arrested for making those videos. Now I can lough about it but back then it was so annoying.

This sounds familiar to you? stick around and you are going to learn a lot. Your skin will change for the better and you will love it.

If you have questions or anything you would like to share with me, please feel free to contact me on support@goodbyedryskin.com