What Is An Anti Aging Cream

What is an anti aging cream?

Anti aging cream is a skin care product that makes one look younger by preventing and reducing signs of skin aging. Aging signs include wrinkles, sagging of the skin, dis-pigmentation and poor texture of the skin among, others.

Anti aging creams diminish signs of aging, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing . They also moisturize and hydrate dry skin. 

The best anti aging creams should contain plant oils. For anti aging cream to be effective, it should be able to increase the production of new cells and fibers, a process that is quite rapid in young people. This process slows down with age, and a good  anti aging cream can help a good deal.



A good anti aging cream should not have  preservatives, petrolatum or perfume as an ingredient. Unfortunately, some anti aging creams do have the ingredients and people who buy blindly without doing research fall a victim of such.

You might be wondering what is wrong with the ingredients? Perfume might smell nice, but it causes allergic reactions, they are toxic and can cause cancer as well.

Preservatives is another common cause of allergic reactions too. It causes irritation and itching. Petrolatum is the most common base cream used by cosmetic companies. It is supposed to moisturize, but it can not be absorbed by the pores, so it causes greasiness. It is counterproductive in any anti aging cream because it inhibits the natural rejuvenation process.

I recommend using natural anti aging creams as opposed to chemical based ones, since the chemical based anti aging cream will only destroy your skin, cause skin irritation and it will not help you look younger.


Now that you already know what an anti aging cream is, I am going to help you know what to consider when choosing a good skin care product, to slow down the aging process of the skin.